Items to Buy for Your Warehouse Loading Dock

There are standard items you will use in a warehouse and then there are special items that you might need to function more effectively. It all depends on how you plan to use your warehouse. If it just a storage room, then you might not need much more than power equipment, racks or shelving, but if you are utilizing a loading dock, then you need additional equipment to make your warehouse run smoothly. Some of the items you might need if your warehouse has a loading dock includes dock boards, dock lights, and strip doors.

Dock Boards

These pieces of equipment are really just metal ramps that will connect the dock and a truck. Sometimes when the truck is backed up to the warehouse there is a tiny gap and a dock board gets rid of that and allows forklifts and pallet trucks to pass through safely from the warehouse to the truck. These boards are typically made from steel which is the best material when you plan to use the heavier motorized machinery such as the electric pallet truck or left. Dock boards tend to have curbs on the edges of the board that have been bolted or welded on. These curbs are usually yellow, and they prevent run-off. Another safety measure for this equipment is that it has an anti-slip design.

Dock Lights

Lighting equipment is extremely important for the safety of personnel and also for proper identification of inventory. The warehouse associates will need to be able to see where to place the inventory. You don’t want to damage pallets or materials, so it’s best to have loading dock lighting. Additionally, the driver might only need to unload half of the truck to your warehouse, but without good lighting they might not be able to see clearly what products are supposed to be removed.

Strip Doors 

This transparent door functions like a see-through curtain. It freely allows passage, but it prevents noise, conditioned air, and fumes from getting into other areas of the warehouse. You will want this material at your loading dock or at your warehouse entrance if it’s directly connected to office area. Purchasing these types of doors will reduce your energy costs due to escaping air but personnel will also know to proceed with caution even though you can see through the strips. Warehouse jobs are safe if proper protocols are taken, but there can be mishaps if you don’t invest in the right equipment to provide efficiency and safety. There are many types of dock equipment las vegas nv. Make sure you have all the proper equipment that you need.


Running your business as effectively as possible includes how personnel spends time behind the scenes at the warehouse. It is important to make sure your warehouse is in order for proper order fulfilment as well as employee safety. Get the strongest equipment to support your electric motorized machinery. These items are heavy, and you don’t want any accidents on the job. Some of the things you need to invest in if you have a loading dock include dock boards, dock lights, and strip doors.