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Physical Techniques for Reducing the Impact of Noise

The impact of noise pollution in the construction and transportation industry is evident across the country. Besides the regulations laid by governments and other relevant authorities, there are certain techniques that developers, architects, builders, and investors in the transport industry should employ in reducing the impact of noise. The level of city traffic noise, which is around 85 decibels, has the potential of causing hearing loss. In order to avoid expensive audio metric testing at your organization, you should ensure that noise is kept below the levels of 85 decibels. For example, a steel guard sound control curtain is a reliable way of ensuring that the noise emitted at the workplace is kept at safe levels.

Acoustical site planning

Builders can utilize the building arrangement on a site in reducing noise. Acoustical site planning becomes even more effective method of reducing the impact of noise, especially when there are incompatible land uses that exist or a sensitive project is planned on the site. Some of the techniques that can be applied in reducing the impact of noise include:

  • Increasing the distance in between the source of noise and the receiver.
  • Creating nonresidential land uses like utility areas and parking lots between the source of the noise and the receiver.
  • Placing barrier-type buildings in such a manner that it’s parallel to source of the noise.
  • You can also orientate the residences around the site away from the source of the noise.

Why use noise cancelling curtains?

High levels of noise at the workplace can cause:

  • Accidents
  • Low concentration levels by staff
  • Different types of injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Reduced productivity

Each of these instances can lead to employee injuries and devastating lawsuits that may lead to the closure of your business. Hence, you should invest in protective measures like noise cancelling curtains so as to provide your employees and the company’s catchment area with a safer environment.

Advantages of the steel guard cancelling curtains

The curtains solve the high decibel problem of industrial noise by absorbing or even blocking noise from:

  • HVAC
  • Large equipment or machinery
  • Large blowers
  • Compressors

Protect your workers from Noise Induced Hearing Loss

The steel guard noise cancelling curtains can block reverberations and can be used in applications such as flexible doorways, acoustical curtain dividers, plant noise control curtain dividers, machine enclosures, stamping pressure enclosures, grinder noise control, fan enclosures, and noise reverberation control among others. In addition, some curtains and railroad barriers are very easy to install, and thus there’s no excuse for not stopping your constructions or industrial operations due to lawsuits or complaints from the public about noise pollution.

The idea of installing noise barriers is to erect the barriers between the sources of noise and noise sensitive areas. There are several physical techniques used such as a sloping mound of earth, walls, and thick plantings of trees or shrubs. You can also choose to use a combination of all these materials for better results. Municipal officials offer advice to new builders who are not aware of the sound attenuation practices applicable in any local government jurisdiction.